How is this part called in english?


Aug 19, 2005
Santiago de Chile
Could the part marked in the red circle be refered to as "flange", or does that word only apply for the place were the drillings for the spokes are?.
I bought a bike with an extra spare wheel, knowing that that wheel had a "missing flange" (i was told that it could be fixed just by replacing it, so i thought it was the part in the red circle, and that's no big deal). When i got the wheel, i saw that one of the silver parts was missing, and i was ok with it because i knew that was the missing part. A few seconds later i noticed that two of the holes for the spokes were busted, and i got a little upset... :disgust:
I began to write an email to the seller, and after some lines i realized that since i'm no native english speaker, this could well be an idiomatic problem, so i decided to ask you guys to help me clarify the english terminology for hub parts before sending that email..:lighten:


Turbo Monkey
Jan 7, 2005
the part circled is an "axle end cap" or just "end cap" It would be easy to get a new one.

A broken flange (part that the spokes attach to) is serious. The cost of a new hub body (the entire black part) would be expensive.
Dec 3, 2004
San Jose, CA
Sounds like you got screwed, the flange is definitely where the spokes attach, but it wasn't missing, it was broken. you can't really be missing the flange unless you loose the whole hub. The seller obviously misrepresented the product, hopefully you bought it through ebay or something similar that has scam protection.

Steve M

Turbo Monkey
Mar 3, 2007
A flange usually refers to a thin ridge running around any kind of cylindrical object (for example, to bolt two pipes end to end, they often have flanges on them with bolt holes in the flanges). In the case of bicycle hubs, it refers to the bit where the spokes are attached. It can't be replaced though, if that bit is destroyed the hub is worthless!


Nov 14, 2007
Maryland, east coast.
Was this on Ebay? If so, let us all know his Ebay ID so we all know who not to buy from.

Also, did you contact him and simply try asking him nicely to rectify the problem? Don't send him a dead fish in the mail yet.