How long should a decent pair of running shoes last?

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Aug 6, 2001
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My running shoes usually last me a while...like a solid 6-9 months of gym use and just wearing around. The last month or so though I've started running outside to the tune of 12 miles a week and these Pearl Izumi shoes seem to be falling apart under my feet. I bought them in January and, as I mentioned, I would just wear them around town and to the gym (working out, using cardio machines), but the addition of outdoor running seems to have rapidly increased their wear and tear.

So, is this normally what I should expect from my running shoes if I continue to, well, run in them? A four or five month life? Should I just quit running and stick to beer?


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Aug 2, 2005
I replace mine every 300-400 miles. Not because they are falling apart, but because I am breaking down the sole support which could contribute to over-use injuries. When I'm done with a pair, they still look usable and nothing is falling apart. If the Pearl Izumis are literally falling apart, they must be pretty ****ty.


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Nov 10, 2004
Running shoes are for running.

If you wear them for everything, they will start to break down (subtlety) to the point where running in them will be the last straw and make them really come apart.

Buy a pair for running and nothing else and they will last longer and be more comfortable to run in.

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Jun 25, 2002
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Pavement shoes no more than 500 miles - your running style and body weight will greatly effect the actual mileage. Trail shoes for me lasted much longer even though they appeared to be much more worn than the street shoes.

My rule of thumb was to replace at the first sign of discomfort.


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Jan 20, 2007
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I have a set of shoes strictly for running. Being a hefty guy, I put no more than 200 miles on my pavement shoes and 300 miles on my trail shoes.

(granted it takes me over 4 months to run 100 miles)


Jul 16, 2002
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Yes they wear out faster on pavement.

I try for every 400 miles to replace them.

Yes you should have a pair of running shoes only for running and gym shoes for everything else.

That being said, my running shoes are worn, have holes in the lining and aren't comfortable anymore in the least but I can't afford a new pair so i keep on trucking. I'll end up injured soon enough.


Aug 28, 2002
I think everyone else pretty much covered it. Around 300 - 400 miles. I have a pair a just use when I run. Also I know they have more then 400 miles on them, but the still feel good so I continue to use them. I also have a new pair that I will start to rotate in so they are broken in before I go on a long run with them.


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Aug 25, 2002
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running oh, the stupidest sport in the world. running is especially hard on the joints, I say save your knees for mtb until you completely destroy them.

as for shoes i am canadian so running shoes are like what you wear every day. I say about 2 years they last.

on a really intelligent note. Superfeet footbeds are what you need. They make different ones for your ski/snoboard boots, separate ones for cycle shoes and different ones for everyday. I used to wear them everyday when I stood alot working in sporting goods. Foot alignment is a big deal. Each person takes an average of 10,000 steps per day so don't try to tell me they are a stupid idea. Footbeds are not always orthopedic footwear either unless you get the custom ones. They are considered supportive footwear. anyway it is all about the proper support for the metatarsils. NOT cushioning like dr scholls. cushions flatten and don't properly support the feet. Anyhow Superfeet have two parts the support and the foam mould for proper foot shape and your feet feel wonderful when they are properly supported. WORD of warning for first time users though, they take time to get used to for the first month before your feet actually get used to them. Bad backs and sore knees are common at first until they pop back into alignment so start off by wearing them for an hour or so per day.


I still swear by these things if I am going to be serious about sports. ORTHOTICS ARE SWEET

PS. You are supposed to change your footbeds once every 3 months with everyday use. Your shoes can last until they start barfing up toes.
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