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Deep V (http://www.racingmix.com/word/deep_v_battle.htm):
Deep V Rim trend: I'm not a bicycle parts designer but a custom furniture industrial designer. As with most eye candy, I am intrigued by sexy bikes, and currently, the latest sexy is the "Deep V Battle" targeted at the single speed fixed gear biker. The aesthetic and fashion comes from the super deep dishes seen in the velodrome track bikes or in time trial bicycle races; think Lance Armstrong and his infamous hot twitter'd Tour of California TT bike. The ability to slice through the wind, transfer power stiffness, and feather lightness are ideal traits - thus most deep dish rims are made of carbon fiber.


May 18, 2003
Portland, OR
Trick question. Only one, but after it has been filled with concrete and a lag bolt to provide hanging strength ample for supporting sopping wet denim jacket after a long day of messengering in the Portland rain.