How much snow is in your yard?


Turbo Monkey
Nov 20, 2006
The Ranch
Since there is about 20" of settled snow on the ground I had to do something with it.

I tried making snow jumps for the bike like I had last year but they did not work. So yesterday I decided to build myself a quarter pipe for skis. After about 10 hours of work I have one. It needs some tweeking but not to bad. On just the first few tries I was able to air out about 2-3'

Here is a view from the top of the run in. You can see my Jeep to give you an idea of the size. I am guessing it is about 8' tall and 15' wide.


Jul 16, 2007
Cool dude. I was in Seattle recently visiting a friend and was telling him how it took me and 3 of my friends 6 hours to build a 6 foot high kicker up in Loveland.

He laughed and said to build that in the northwest would take only and hour or two. So that's a big pile of work there:thumb: