How reliable are 2005 Mavic EX823's run with UST tubeless tires for DH Racing???


Turbo Monkey
Feb 28, 2005
Pa. / North Jersey
I was also thinking of going tubeless with my Demo 8 for next year, but most of my riding will be here on the rocky East Coast.

How well do these rims (the 05's) hold up to hits from the trail? I was thinking that one or two nice shots to the rim lip, and the air seal will be lost, rendering the concept of running UST pointless.

How much damage can these rims take before the air seal around the tire bead is lost?

I'm an Am-Class rider, second year racing. I'm not too smooth, but I've only had one really bad flatspot incident at the U.S. Open...I usually run fairly high PSI in my tires, and my old rims were Sun Single Tracks... so what do you guys think?

Who has direct experience with the 823 / UST set-up?


Turbo Monkey
Feb 23, 2004
I have had many a direct hit to rim on my 823's and never lost the air seal and I run pretty low pressure.

Banshee Rider

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Jul 31, 2003
I believe there was recently a thread on this same topic a week or two ago.

In my personal experience, sun rims prove to be very "soft" compared to mavics. I havent had a full season on my ex823s yet but i'm hoping they prove to be better than my previous sun rims! talk about dents :mumble:


Turbo Monkey
Feb 28, 2005
Pa. / North Jersey
Yeah - Single Tracks are pretty soft, but I was giving that info so people could estimate how hard I push it on my rims. I'd prefer to have Mavic 721's - they weigh exactly the same.

Anyone else? Do the 823's really hold up with UST tires after taking a few shots?


Apr 17, 2004
they are the best wheels i've had. built myself, taking a lot of abuse, with not a question.
Apr 9, 2004
Mount Carmel,PA
I ran the 823's with michielins all season. I weighr 260# and i run 25 & 28PSI, not one problem. I would spend the extra cash on these again. I built them up myself so I saved a bit. But even at full price a deal


Apr 21, 2004
Wilkes "By God" County
Anyone else? Do the 823's really hold up with UST tires after taking a few shots?[/QUOTE]

My wife & I ran 823's all season with 2.5 Maxxis. I was a little worried at first cause I'd heard negative comments about the 04 rim. My worries were all for not, the rims have held up extremely well. I flat spotted my rear pretty good during monster park at Snowshoe. I decided to run it until it gave out & it is still rolling & holding air amazingly. Also the Maxxis mount easily on the rims, no soap or water & with a hand pump...not sure if this is a result of the rim or the tire. Anyway I highly recommend this rims...also keep in mind that I am 155lbs.