How to get open this formula free hub?


Aug 9, 2014
Can you guide me how to open this 12mm thru axel Formula free hub?
At the non-drive side only 10mm hex head goes through but it's too small for the slots.
Hub is from 2013 Honzo.

here are the pictures of the hub:



Mar 30, 2007
Hell, AZ
Sorry BMW325TI,

That is not even the same hub. Looks nearly identical to the same hub that is coming on the new RaceFace, Giant, etc. wheels. Grab the end cap in the second picture and pull real hard. It should pop right off. From there, grab a 17mm cone or box end wrench, and an 12mm allen. The 12mm allen goes in the end that you pulled the cap off and the wrench the other. As it shows, the wrench side/drive side loosens clockwise. Once that is removed, the freehub body should slide right off.

If you have trouble removing the end cap, I have personally made a set of soft-pliers for jobs like this. Slip-joint pliers dipped in Plasti-Dip at the nose. This will allow you to grab soft aluminum without damaging the material.

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 4.JPGphoto 5.JPG
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