How to realise an everyday continuous FOOTAGE (with GoPro) 30-days travel?


Nov 2, 2019
Hi all

I plan a one-month 1100 km trip on mountain bike through Thailand, south-north, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, over as much as possible dirt-tracks, from village to village. My plan is to make a CONTINEOUS (non-stop) footage of every single minute of that trip, so 8 hours/day, during that whole month.

I was told that during day the GoPro camera can send my recordings Bluetooth to my cellular phone, and that during the night I should send these daily recordings with Bluetooth to my external disk.
I was advised to buy
- a GoPro 7 or 8
- an external SSD disk of 2TB
- a micro sdxc 512GB , and
- a tight-fitting cable for continuously charging the phone (I bought already a power bank of 30.000 mA).

I want it still different though..
During the day I won’t have the time to invest any time in handling the recording, placing new batteries and/or disks. In the morning when I start, I want to switch all "on", and in the evening when I finish my tour, switch all "off". In the evening I want my sole responsibilty to be just recharging the powerbank and if necessary the eventually spare battery/batteries for the GoPro (if this cannot be done during the day while recording).
I search for the possibility that my recordings will be simultaneously with Bluetooth sent from the GoPro camera (if necessary via my cellular phone) onto my external disk, so using the energy from my power bank for charging the phone and if possible the GoPro during the daily recording.

1) GoPro 7 or 8:
- Will the GoPro 7 be enough for this purpose?
- Can I charge the GoPro camera with my power bank while recording (except when under water of course)?
- Can the batteries be charged in a different way as with the special Battery Charger (preferable with that power bank of 30.000 mA)?
- So do I need the Dual Battery Charger + Battery(ies) for above mentioned set-up?
- If yes, then how many batteries I need for those 8 hours?
- How often per day I will have to put a new battery?
- (How much will eventually be the weight of that Dual Battery Charger + 2 (?) spare batteries?)
- In what time (hours) the special battery charger of GoPro can charge a complete empty battery/batteries?

- When charging the empty spare battery/batteries, can it(these) been charged in a waterproof (= hermetic) closed container?
- Is the stabilization of the GoPro enough, or do I have to buy also the Gimbal (to be mounted on the wrest while driving the bicycle)?
- What seize of MC would I need in the GoPro?
2) External disk: what capacity of external disk I need? Will 2 TB be enough?
3) Cellular phone : would the “HUAWEI P smart” which I now possess be suitable enough?
4) Memory card of the cellular phone: what seize I would need in my cell phone?
5) Which App there is for making a complete documentary of the selected material?

I would be extremely grateful if someone of you -any expert for the GoPro 7 and/or 8- could advise me in this set-up!!!

Tnx in advance!!!
Best regards
Willem Venterink
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Cake Tease
May 29, 2011
Sounds like a trip. Managing that footage sounds like a downright pain in the ass.

I would think first you should decide what resolution you will film at. Or do you even film? What's the goal of having so much footage? A time lapse might be more manageable...

Once you have the resolution you want to film at, go and do some test recordings. This is what will yell you how much storage you will need. I'm guessing it's going to be quite the number.