How to salvage your Dianese?

Dog Welder

Turbo Monkey
Sep 7, 2001
Pasadena, CA
Finally got around to washing my armor and it was hard as hell to unzip the back protector. When I tried to put it all back together the zipper refuses to zip. I think my sweat corroded the zipper...is there anything I can soak it in to restore it? Anyone else run into this problem and has a fix?


Turbo Monkey
Mar 10, 2005
i have the same problem, just make sure the zipper is fully in at that joint thingy, then use some force to get it going, the rest shouldn't be a problem.
one more thing you should looking out in a dainese is the outer and inner layers seperationg from the foam, the glue isn't that strong, now all those little pores dont line up.:nuts:


Turbo Monkey
Jan 25, 2003
Around DC
The zippers on teh backplate suck. Mine got stuck right when i first bought it. Just use some triflow on the zippers to help, or do what i did. Don't use the backplate :p

DS Dom

Nov 14, 2001
Denver, Co
I had a similar problem but after a while my zipper actually broke off. I took my suit to a drycleaner/tailer and they put new heavy duty zippers on for a grand total of $15 for the 2 zippers for the back and the 2 chest zippers. The new zippers are smooth and ive never had a problem with any corrosion since