How we store information

It's interesting that when people started addressing data storage they couldn't get away from the hierarchical and physical concepts of file cabinets, folders, and documents.​
Generally speaking, when I'm looking for something, I want to search by metadata, date, a person, a sort of image, stuff I recorded in some timeframe, a color, a word sequence, type of music, artist, name of song, album...​
I want to be able to create tags of my own and search for them. Systems can and do create their own, which is fine, but I'm fucking fed up with trying to remember what's on what disk and/or in what folder.​

binary visions

The voice of reason
Jun 13, 2002
Universal metadata is a tough nut to crack. Where is it stored and how is it indexed? Does everyone agree on the format? How do you update the search tools every time something new is added?

Digital Asset Management software is common solution for this, but it trades off the above set of issues for being walled into a specific software solution.

So you generally get stuck into specific software (e.g. music programs that search your music, photo apps that search your photos).

I feel your pain and have no solutions, except to get good specific software tools and make sure the file types are grouped well so they can be indexed.