Howdy from Orlando


Feb 14, 2010
Just wanted to Introduce myself. My name is Jimmy King, I'm 41 , married, and got a 4 year old and a 16 year old from a previous marriage. I live in Orlando Fl and work as a knife smith for Randall Made Knives. I've been taking up things I always wanted to try. Tranny skating , then longboarding/speedboarding. Once I realized I did not want to slide down the pavement at 35mph with no brakes anymore I decide a bike would be pretty cool. I recently purchased a 2010 wht. Komodo. Today I took it to St Cloud and rode for like 4 hrs and luved every minute of it. This is a fun sport and I look forward to keeping it fun. Anyways, thanx for your time. SeeYa!