Hub question.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 2, 2005
DC/Bluemont VA
Hey all, just bought a bike (05 STP1) which has rhino lites laced to some random 36 hole hub. I often do small drops to flat off walls and crap like that cause there are no trannys to be had in this stupid city. Never had any real bad landings or anything, but the rear end has started making strange noises, especially when putting lateral stress on the wheel. Kind of a grinding/rubbing sound. The wheel doesnt hit the frame, and if it were the disk rotor it would make more of a ringing metallic sound.

I think something screwy is going on with the hub, but I just bought the bike about a month ago. Is there anything you need to do to new hubs? tighten them or something? if so, how is this procedure preformed. what else can you think of?


Underwater monkey
Mar 9, 2005
I think the best thing to do is take it back into the shop you bought it at, and see what they think. Everything should be under warranty, and they can tell you fast what the problem is.

It's sort of hard to say what funny noises are over the internet, when given random parts descriptions...


Turbo Monkey
Nov 29, 2001
Boston Area
If its a Shimano hub, or a hub built like a Shimano, it could be the freehub body bolt backing out. It happens b/c of hub flex. I put a solid axle in an XT and it fixed the problem.