Hudson Valley Relocation


Feb 5, 2005
Morning Monkeys - My wife and I are looking to relocate from MTB heaven (North Central Vermont) to the Hudson Valley with our 1 year old daughter. We're moving for improved employment prospects and to be closer to my wife's family. We're spoiled with trails and the outdoorsy "vibe" around here, and was wondering if there were any comparable areas in the Hudson Valley. We really want to prioritize living within a few minutes of a good trail network. Wife has suggested New Paltz/Rhinebeck areas. I've looked a bit on trailforks and trailhub, but was hoping to get some insights to people to live in these areas. Any insight would be awesome.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 1, 2004
Yep. In Danbury. I like the riding here quite a bit, but certainly would not have chosen it as a location based on that. Happy dumb luck that we've got a couple pretty decent spots within 15 minutes of Casa Scrub.

Within an hour, I have a lot of riding available, though generally stick to stuff in the 30min out range. Not terribly familiar with as much over the NY border, but have a few places that are in the regular riding rotation. Not what you're used to up there. Certainly won't get the same vert up or down without laps. Lots of short ups and downs. The places I've been most have been south of 84 -Sprain Ridge, Blue Mtn. and such. Have only been a few spots more north -have always heard good things, just haven't really checked it all out. I tend to head to MA or parts east of me if driving that much.

IMO, pick more based on the work situation - I'd far rather have a short daily drive or bike to work and a bit more car time for recreation purposes than have to deal with a shitty commute every day.

All really depends on what you need/want for jobs, and what that does for getting you closer to the fam. Obviously you'll be dealing with more people/traffic/cost of living/etc. OTOH, you'll likely be making more as well, and possibly being able to take advantage of close family for kid sitting duties is a bonus.


Darth Bailer
Jul 20, 2001
909 outside of Poughkeepsie is pretty sweet. Also Stewart Buffer zone is just over the Newburgh Beacon Bridge.