Huge Cash Prizes at Teva Mountain Games - Vail

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    Teva Mountain Games, June 5-8 in Vail Colorado

    The Teva Mountain Games brings amateur and professional roadies, X-Country riders and the next generation of freeriders together for an epic weekend of competitions, huge parties and concerts. For two-wheelers of all abilities, the Teva Mountains Games tests your skills above 8,000 ft. This nationally televised event will broadcast your feats to millions and give all athletes a chance at $100,000 in cash prizes!

    $30,000 Cycling Specific Cash Purse

    The Teva Mountain Games wants you and your team to join us in Vail, Colorado!

    For more information and to register please visit www.TevaMountainGames.com

    --- Cycling Events ---
    • SoBe® Slopestyle
    • SoBe® X-Country
    • SoBe® Freeride
    • Road Bike Hill Climb
    • Short Course MTB Criterion
    • Tri-Cycle

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