Hunt Report Thread


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@gonefirefightin, might be throwing in the towel and getting a Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL double stack with .010 pins. The Axcel, as much as I like it, just loosened up via regular shooting and lost its zero. That and the dovetail is too short, so I'm having a tough time getting good groups beyond 30 yards, the .019 pin just swallows up the target and I'm shooting at an area instead of a spot. Was going to stay away from a slider cause it's heavier and more complication than I need, but value proposition wide it blows away something like a 3-pin fixed.

Not ideal swapping sights in the middle of the season, but if I can get the top pin dialed at 20 and figure out my floater pin distance, it'll more than likely be enough.
You will be back to normal after about a dozen shots with the spot hogg, they are very easy to dial in.