Hunting Near Fort Ebey!


Jun 13, 2004
The Island County Commissioners have scheduled a Public Hearing to
decide whether or not to allow hunting in the Kettles Trail System
on Whidbey Island. For those of you familiar with Kettles Park,you
know its a great place to ride in the fall and winter due to its
gravel base.

The Commissioners think no one uses the trails in the fall and
winter, so hunting there would not be a concern. WRONG!!!!!! These
trails are heavily used by equestrians, cyclists and hikers during
the fall and winter. I hope that you can take a few moments to
email the Commissioners and let them know you ride those trails, see
lots of other people using those trails, and don't think it would be
a good place to have hunting. If you are also a responsible hunter,
please let the Commissioners know that you have no desire to hunt
where there are no deer and lots of people. You can email the
Commissioners at the addresses below.
Thanks and see ya on the trails!

Commissioner Mike Shelton: Mikes@...
Commissioner Mac McDowell: macm@...
Commissioner Bill Byrd: bill_byrd@...


Jan 6, 2004
Maple Valley, Washington
if you wear an orange vest, you should be fine. its not like most honest hunters just start shooting at whatever moves, so if you just wear orange you should be fine. even just bright colors.