Huntsville, Alabama - Trail Options


Oct 2, 2012
I'm new to the area, guys. Are there any dirt jump trails anywhere around here? I can't find information about anything, but with Monte Sano and the rich dirt, this area should have some epic dirt jumps or pump track. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.


Jul 30, 2010
Upstate SC
I moved from HSV to GVL 2 years ago and spent most of my time at Monte Sano myself... then, there was nothing that I am aware of for DJ/Pump Tracks. There is Hurricane Creek in Cullman and they were working to put in a pump track near "The Beast" http://hurricanecreek.homestead.com/. Give em a call and see what they have been up too.

There is a pump track at Oak Mountain State Park in Birmingham, but it was completed after I moved. I "heard" there were some privately owned DJ/PTs, but it was just hearsay and never saw them.

By no means is this meant to run you off in the slightest, so please don't take it that way..... most of the activity in this forum is NC/SC based with some TN. When living in HSV, I spent a lot of time at mtbr.com as there was a HSV riders thread that was active (at the time). Like I said I lived there for three years and spent time here at RM and also at mtbr, just thought I would mention as I can't recall seeing much activity on RM for that area.

Happy Hunting.
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