I’m Rich Bee-acht!


Turbo Monkey
Jan 14, 2002
Got this PM on MRBR:


I am Mr. Robert Dogbey. a banker by profession, worked with First Gulf Bank in Abu Dhabi for 15 years.( United Arab Emirates ) now currently holding the post of director auditing in the account department of the bank .I have the opportunity in transferring the sum of US $ 11,480,000,00)eleven million four hundred and eighty thousand dollars) i being deposited in to an escrow account by our Customer who unfortunately died on 15th July 2012 in a fatal plane crash in Northern China which involved the lives of his entire family. Based on this negative circumstances the deceased customer late Mr.Benson Rashidovich have no relation like his next of kin or beneficiary left behind to file application of claim for the funds to the management of the bank. Regard to this opportunity i am contacting you to stand forth as the deceased customers beneficiary to receive the funds in your country. I will use my position and influence in the bank in working hand in hand with you on legal procedures and direction on how to materialize a successful transfer of the funds into your external provided account details. What is highly required of you is the ability to be reliable, honest, trusted and to keep all information concerning this transaction and your involvement as the beneficiary strictly confidential to avoid public exposure, as you can understand that the less people involved the better. I am willing to offer you 40% out of the total funds for your vital role in standing as the beneficiary of the funds and i assured you that there will be no risk or anything incriminating against your freedom or reputation with your involvement with me in this transaction. I am hoping in the favor of your urgent response. This is My email: you can contact me in my email
Thanks Mr Robert Dogbey


Turbo Monkey
Apr 5, 2008
Nice! Now you can buy bike mag and save the :monkey:.
And all the RM T-shirts are on you as well. :D