I am influential

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A fowl peckerwood.
Sep 5, 2001
just sittin' here drinkin' scotch
So it's kind of a running thing here at work. i occasionally burn a CD for the guys in the shop....of the most obscure/awful/retarded music i can think of.

So I brought in a new one today. Among other things, it had "The Final Countdown" by Europe on it. So far today I've now caught at least three people whistling it to themselves.

Yep....influential....right here...


Texans fan - LOL
Aug 13, 2007
God DAMN you Mmike!!!!

I had just gotten the f*ckin' theme to Mama Mia out of my head and NOW...

I have the Final Countdown stuck



Yoshinoya Destroyer
Jan 20, 2007
Hills of Paradise
I saw the sign
I opened up my eyes
I saw the sign...

or if you really wanna get them singing...

Oh mickey
you're so fine
you're so fine
you blow my mind
hey mickey,
hey hey
hey mickey
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