I didn't die, but....


Why don't you have a seat over there?
Jan 27, 2005
....my guy down there "fell asleep". Borrowed some rollers from a friend and actually got the hang of it. Can't start without holding onto something but don't have any problems once I get started. Anyway...once I was done "lil" Travis had that feeling you get when you lay on your arm wrong and it "falls asleep". Never had this problem during actual riding as I guess I stand up enough to alleviate any pressure etc. This is not good.

Any tips? I'm going to try moving the seat forward in the rails and lower the nose a bit. Probably try raising the bars too. I have the same basic seat on my MTB and my riding style is "sit and spin" and never had a problem like this with it. So I'm guess that the angles that the road bike has me in is causing the problem.

The bike is an old 80's Miyata that's probably a smidge big for me. Rides really nice though. Yay for lugged steel.


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
Get good enough on the rollers where you can release your death grip on the saddle and ride more naturally, in other words stand up every once in a while.


unique white person
Sep 21, 2001
I've had that happen on occasion just sitting in a chair but never on a bike.

Blood rush to the head please.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 6, 2007
When it goes numb, you're supposed to "massage" it.....make sure no one walks in


Why don't you have a seat over there?
Jan 27, 2005
Try riding your bike from about 10 feet away up to along side of it then bunnyhop to the side up and on to it.

That's I get going anyway.
I just tried this and now I'm in deep trouble. Hole in the wall and the entertainment center is all busted up. The bikes ok though. I'll give it another shot later after I clean up the basement a bit.

Standing up on roller? Maybe I'm going to die after all. I'll start messing with the seat during tonight's session. I'll see the wifey about the "massage".