I guess Ill introduce myself here then...

Whitz End

Jan 23, 2008
Hello all,
I be Angus and in my spare time, I like to ride mountain bikes.

I live way down under in that land called Australia and at present, pedal around a bright red Giant NRS-2. Seems to be a bike people love or people hate but it goes alright for what I do.
My other steed, and bike I initially started out on, is a Giant Yukon.
From XC races to some knarly decents on the trails, this bike has seen it all. Im currently building it back up into more of an 'aggressive XC bike' as SingleSpeeding did very little for me. (Sorry SSers)

Other then that, id just like to congratulate you all on such an awesome site. Been looking on from a distance for a while and thought I would 'bite the bullet' and join up. Keep up the great work!



Yoshinoya Destroyer
Jan 20, 2007
Hills of Paradise
Welcome to the Monkey. You're gonna love it here! One of these days I'll make it back to your neck of the woods. Aussies are so hospitiable.