I just got back from the Ralphie May Show, it had an unexpected ending


Jul 29, 2003
Montgomery county MD
The show was great! I know the MC, he was awesome, the feature sucked, and Ralphie was great! I don't know how many of you have heard his CD, but I was expecting and ending like that. Just going off on everything.


At the end of his set, he got really serious, and started talking about hurricaine Katrina and how we are watching a third world country on the news, and that country is ours. Then he said he's not selling anything at the end of his show tonight, he's not selling stuff right now, instead, he is collecting money for the Red Cross, and for every dollar we donate, he'll match it. He said last week the raised $12,000.

It was an unexpected ending to his show, and I wasn't expecting it, but I think that is an awesome way for a famous comedian to end his show, and its great that he stopped selling things to make money for himself, and instead donate his money. That just blew me away.

:thumb::thumb: for Ralphie!