I know that this isn’t KayakMonkey but…..


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Jun 19, 2003
I did a search and see that many of you here kayak, but when reading your posts, it’s as if I was reading a foreign language. So for the experienced, I have a couple questions…

I have been considering buying a kayak to paddle around the harbors here in Ventura County (did it once – it was fun). I know nothing about kayaks.

Can those of you out there recommend a few *quality* sites so that I can do a little research? You never know what you are getting with a google search (in other words, I want to do my research at a “Ridemonkey” type site and not a “Pinkbike” type site)

Thanks in advance :cheers:
Sep 20, 2007
Champaign, IL
I don't know of any sites, but I did work at REI and have experience with Kayaks.

What do you want to know?? You can go anywhere from a small ~10 foot boat with no bulkheads that won't track the greatest but will be cheap..... all the way up to 14+ foot fiberglass boats with multiple bulkheads.

My favorite all around boat when I was working was the Necky Manitou. Paddled really well, stable, felt pretty quick (I've paddled glass boats too) and the price wasn't bad for what you got.

It really depends what you want out of the boat...

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Jul 2, 2002
North Van
I paddle around lakes and have a Necky Elaho. It suits me fine. Get a rudder. It can really save your ass in a high wind.

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Jun 25, 2002
Fort of Rio Grande
I have a 19 foot Seda Glider sea kayak with an 18" beam. I paddle around Puget Sound but have never done a crossing longer than three miles. Borrow or rent ass many kayaks as possible before you buy - like bikes, the more you spend the more enjoyment you'll get. For me this levels off around $2,000.00 and fiberglass. In a few years I might be temped to go carbon and smaller at 17 feett or so.

The number one thing you can do to enhance your enjoyment is buy a quality paddle. I have one of these Werner Camano light as a feather so I can paddle for hours on end with no fatigue. :)

http://www.sedakayak.com/ My Kayak is probably 20 years old and made of fiberglass. Very little can go wrong with a well constructed kayak so I wouldn't worry about buying a used one.
Sep 20, 2007
Champaign, IL
Bingo. When I worked at REI we actually held kayak demo days that people could come out and paddle a bunch of our boats. Nice paddles are key, and when looking for a used boat just watch for a beat up hull if you go fiberglass. If the previous owner slid into shore a lot if can do a number on the hull compared to a plastic boat. If you can find one in decent shape though a glass boat is the way to go IMO. I was paddling a wilderness systems (can't remember which off hand) and it fit like a glove and was just effortless to paddle.


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Apr 5, 2004
So Cal
Nice info!

The wife and I are also considering a couple of kayaks. We're hoping to try some out this summer in San Diego Bay. It looks like a ton of fun.