I like Ryan leech's manifesto


May 2, 2005
ryan is the **** boys and girls. I had the pleasure to do sound for him as part of my gig the last 3 years and man that boy can ride. When he finnishes a show he imediately starts signing and talking to the endless lineup. he is so smooth and quiet whebn he does his thing. Two years ago he gave me a copy and he had no box at that point.lol.
He does everything in a few takes. I have only seen him take a tumble once. He smiled and continued on in pain. He rides anything. DH/park/street/DJ/trials man that dude has really got it going on. A talent like his is so rare and he has a personality that matches.HE rides these steel barriers at the trade show here and they are rounded 4" tubes and are painted grey. They are slippery. Those are the real test.
Dude hops on and rides them like a free hoe at a collage stag. Remarksble.
I rate his video 9/10 and that's cause he is a newbie to the film game when doing it all himself.

Anyone up to riding some chain links or train trax?
not me.brrrrrr.gives me the heeebie jeeebies just thinkin about my crash.


Plastic Santa
Jan 6, 2005
Tried the train track thing, and just riding it is freakin hard, not to mention jumping back and forth. I'm not much of a trials rider, and now I know why. Manifesto is amazing.