I need me a set of radios


Mar 5, 2004
Melrose MA
Whats a good set of H2O/weather resistant walkie talkie type GMR radios? doesnt need to float like my GPS, just enough not to get toasted whilst walking in teh rain.
So I *just* bought a set 3 weeks ago for some 4 wheelin and general crap. I took them on a hiking trip up to NH that weekend we got an azz load of rain, my wife took a bus with her work crew and i followed up in my jeep, brought the radios to talk on teh ride up there.
So we hike up the mountain and back down. The rain was deluge/build an ark heavy and needless to say we were soaked top to bottom. when we get back to the bottom, wifes boss goes "here, this is yours" and hands me one of the radios! WTF? the thing is dripping wet, theres a puddle in teh LCD display, the thing is toast.
the set I had was a cheapo Uniden 2pack with a charger. I want something similar, with charger station, ~5mi range for around 50 bones, any suggestions?