I need some e-help for something I am building


Turbo Monkey
May 23, 2002
Bellingham, Washington ~ U.S.A.
Ok, in my woods I have planned to build a roll-in and a few new jumps where there used to be ladders. Roll-in will be a rectangular platform, about 7.25 feet tall built on the very edge of my property line. Along one long edge is the property line, so I cant build anything there. (clockwise) The next edge, short edge, is near some trees and inconvinient to access. The next long edge will be where the roll-in will go down and a few ladders will branch out. The last edge, short, is near some small trees and an uphill trail. What I need help on is this: I need to make an easy way to get my bike up onto the top without using too much energy (so I can do it over and over and over....). But, clearly, I dont have a ton of room. I can build a ladder for people to climb up, so how should I get bikes up? (this has to be done by a single person).