I think I saw nip...... wait what?

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Oct 29, 2001
southern wisconsin
Naw, its legit. If you focus on just the legs and designate one to be the right and force yourself to put it into that perspective you will see it one way, do the same with the other (make it the right leg) and it will reverse. One of the other art teachers and I just watched it for a few minutes and it does work out (though she only saw it from the left brain perspective which is odd for an art teacher).


Rusty Trombone
Jul 10, 2003
so story time about that image

I was at a conference in boston last week for a large software company, our joke prior to the conference our joke was the only thing that would keep us up would be a little boobage...

well they open the conference with that damn image to talk about left vs right brain, we lost it...


brungeman see you at ROCKtoberfest tonight? It's schralping time.


Turbo Monkey
Nov 17, 2006
woah that is weird. she switched directions on me. then i figured out how to manipulate it. stare with both eyes at the left border of your monitor (the actual plastic) then let your peripheral vision see the chick. then focus on the right border of your monitor and let you peripheral vision catch it.


Jun 12, 2008
Ladysmith, WI
when i first looked, it was going counter clockwise. then i looked down and tried the thumb over lapping test, and that shows that i think with the right side of my brain, so then i looked back, and it was going clockwise.

if you wanna try the thumb test,
put your hands together like you were going to pray or something, like your fingers through each other, and look at which thumb is on top of the other.
if your left thumb is on top, you think with the right side of your brain and vice versa.

then try putting it the other way, not just the thumb but switch all the fingers around..
it fells so weird... lol