I think I swallowed my tooth!


Turbo Monkey
Sep 9, 2001

I had my two crowns knocked out around a month ago playing hockey. Teeth number 9 and 10 (The upper front one and one the incisors next to it) The front one split the root in half when it broke. At the end of last week one of the cheap temp porcelain caps broke off and I have been holding it in temporarily with Super Glue until next week when I get the permanent crown. I also had implant surgery this past wednesday, so now for my front tooth I get to wear a flipper which is a retainer with a tooth on it.

Needless to say this is great. My speech is impaired, even more so when I wear the flipper because the retainer on the roof of my mouth gets in the way of my tongue. Then last night I go to bead. Take out my flipper and wake up with one less tooth than I started with (the temp cap is gone!) Well, I check my sheets, around my bed, and underneath it...nothing.

Now I'm at work and well I've got a few small trash bags with me. I usually go early, but I think I may be having a little stage fright. Even better is that tonight is a birthday of a girl I'm seeing out in Beantown so I'm pretty much expected to be there :banghead:

So either I swallowed my tooth or the Tooth Fairy was quite the C u next tuesday. So I'm trying to look at this one the bright side. Anyone know of any bar tricks or ways to use this to my advantage so that I can get me some free drinks tonight?