I Want One Of These!


Jul 29, 2003
Montgomery county MD
Think of the possibilities!

180 Computer Monitor
Remarkably easy to set up and use at home, this projection system won Computer Graphics World Magazine Year 2000 Innovation Award. Unlike a flat, one-dimension computer monitor, its hemispherical projection screen encircles the user, blurring the lines between the real and simulated world. It's an incredible 3D experience the whole family will enjoy. Although its patented technology is very sophisticated-color reproduction of over 16 million colors (24 bit) and a native resolution in excess of 2 million pixels-it is quite straightforward to get up and running with any pc monitor; connects to the VGA port. It can also be used in tandem with your current monitor. For gaming enthusiasts, top-end video games are included (can also use latest ve rsions of your own games), as well as an internet browser, educational software and 3D animated demo movies. Active-matrix LCD projector. Infinite focus lens: in focus at any distance from the screen. 120 W projector lamp (bulb included). Remote control uses 2 AA batteries (included). Constructed of high-impact fiberglass and high-strength aluminum alloys