ICMP Ping, and UDP Port 1026 (and others)

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scarred, broken and drunk
Mar 31, 2002
crashing at a trail near you...
so i was looking through the Log Viewer in my McAfee Security Center and noticed there was a lot of attempted inbound traffic through various ports. I changed my settings and now I see almost exclusively ICMP pings.
im pretty 'puter ignant when it comes to the hacker thing...WTF does ICMP ping mean and should i be worried?
there are other messages as well such as:
UDP Port 1026 (mostly)
UPD Port 1028
File Transfer (Control)
SSH Remote Login Protocol
Ring Zero
TCP Port 2967
WTF is going on
and no i've not been porn sufing, just mtn bike websites


Mar 12, 2003
N. Tonawanda, NY
the 1026-1028 are window messenger spam ports
vnc is a remote control program that wont do anything unless you have the server running on your pc
tcp port 2967 is something from irc

you can block them at the firewall if you are concerned. If you don't have the associated application running, these packets are 'merely' taking a bit of your bandwith.