Identiti Mogul and DH Frame advice


Nov 23, 2012
Hello ridemonkey Folks

I'm looking for a new DH/ FR frame and the Identiti Mogul has caught my eye.

There seems to be zero info in the form of reviews or forum discussion out there on the web concerning this frame. Basically, I'm looking for a very Livley DH or FR frame that is at home in the park but can still keep up more or less with big bikes when you decide to charge the tech. I live in the Northeast, have been riding a DH rig for about 3 seasons and have a pass at Highland, so Id like something that feels poppy and is easy to throw around in the park, as well as being easy to ride. This past season I rode an Intense Socom, which worked fine but I felt the bike to be quite flexy and rather dead feeling in that it did not pop well. It was hard to skip my way down the trail and make quick line changes with the Socom. The geo numbers on the Mogul look pretty good and it has 7.5" or travel which is attractive. They don't list a BB height for the bike, which I find a bit odd. Another thing I like about this frame is that it is affordable, and I can get it through BTI at my Local Shop.

Im also looking at a few other frames.

NS Soda: I think this frame is at the top of my list currently as it seems super versatile, is supposedly very stiff and should be great in the park. I hear it jumps really well (I need all the help I can get jump wise..) and is generally fun to ride. It also is in the same price range as the Mogul, and I can also get it through my LBS. Another perk is that I can switch all my parts from the Socom over to this frame (Nice 135mm wheel set and my 68mm cranks) I also like the sizing on this rig as the Large should fit me well. At 5'11" with long arms and I feel like I'm kinda in between a Medium and Large on most DH frames. I'm a bit concerned with the Soda's ability to handle rougher DH tracks at speed as I try to keep up with my pals on bigger bikes. I'm not really intending on racing any time soon, or ever so I'm not sure how much I should worry about this. My other concern with this rig is that its kinda close to my trail bike in nature, I ride a Mojo HD so I don't really want 2 bikes that do the same thing, though I would set up the Soda for DH specifically, hopefully with a Boxxer or fox 40.

Yeti 303 RDH: There are a few of these for sale locally at a good price. I have heard great things about this rig in terms of it being a lively, stiff and fun bike to ride. I'm a bit worried that it would be to much bike for me, and that the large would be a bit on the big side. I think the medium might feel a bit short.

Ideally I think that I would just buy a Transition TR250 as it most likley is the ideal frame, but its pretty much out of my price range at like $2300 for the frame alone.

Based on what I mention are there any other frames I should be looking at? Id appreciate any feedback. Thanks!