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Jul 2, 2002
North Van
Flew out to Vancouver last Wed night. The flight was an hour late, no big deal. We had lounge passes, so that was pretty nice. Helped myself to a spicy Ceasar and a nice selection of olives. Once we boarded, we realised we had a plane with a new interior. Business class had those cool lounge-style seats the turn into beds. Pretty neat. Unfortunately, we walked right on past those seats and proceded to our seats in cattle class.

Those were still pretty cool. We had those personal monitors on the seatbacks in front of us. All jazzed, we sat down and read the "Welcome Aboard" message and eagerly tapped the screen. Nothing happened. Too soon, the system hadn't been started yet.

We took off, gained altitude, and the seatbelt sign went off and people around us started to enjoy various content offered on the IFE. Again, we eagearly tapped the screen to check out what was on offer and neither of our screens worked. Neither did a whole bunch of other peoples'.

The flight crew decided to reboot the system, and then the menus started to work. Cool! Except that half the movies in the menu were "not available at this time". It was a good hour before we actually started to watch Superbad. About 15 mins in, the movie started to skip and the system booted us back to the main menu. So irritating. That happened twice.

And what's with the lighting on these new planes? Is the light supposed to go from bright, to dim, to pink, to greeny, back to bright... It's friggin weird!

The In Flight Entertainment system on my Boeing 767 was more like an In Flight Irritation system. Take that.

Superbad was pretty funny though. Crass, but funny. Then I watched "The Nines" or something. That's a bizarro flick. Wasn't sure what to make of it.

Just though you'd all want to know...


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Apr 18, 2002
Towing the party line.
On my way to New Zealand, i got to stare at a busted screen for 12 hours. BRIGHT white and black...all night long. They couldn't reboot, reset or turn the ****ing thing off.


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Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
I just flew Virgin American for the holidays. Their IFE was jammin! Live TV, free music, google maps with GPS as to where the plane was... I will be flying them again.


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Jan 9, 2004
The new Air NZ in flight stuff is awesome, hundreds of movies and TV shows on demand with decent size monitors to watch them on.

I once was on a Virgin flight and my IFE was not working properly, one of the stereo channels was out and the up button didn't work so I couldn't play Super Mario properly. They gave me two bottle of vodka for the inconvenience. :D