i'm pretty sure i'm watching bob byrd slowly die on c-span


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Feb 12, 2003
this is hilarious. i see him flip his notes - WHICH IS IN THIS SIZED FONT - and he can't seem to keep his left eye open. his aid keeps whispering in his ear. his lower lip needs to be mopped up, and under the table it appears he's fapping wildly like amy winehouse on her 5th day of detox.

ok, 5 min later...

the in-situ committee chairman has thanked & dismissed the testifying general, and now bob is nattering on, apparently oblivious no one's listening. he manages to lift the gavel & strike with almost enough force to pop one of his spit bubbles....everyone is now officially dismissed & milling about ensues. with the camera still trained on him, his aid pushes his wheelchair out the room.

and we're supposed to worry about mccain's age & health??