Im so ticked off


Mar 14, 2005
I was on another bike site.. (yes i know i should never wander from the monkey)
anyways there were pics of cool jumps the built and guys with no helmets jumping..
a few ppl on there mentioned the no helmet. and then one idiot mentions that maybe the guys without the helmets can just put them on for the photos next time and take them off when the photos are done. this way the "family friendly" bike website does show no helmets..

So of course I had to rant how that its not the point....who gives a sh*t about the website( cause its not ridemonkey :biggrin:) maybe the point should be helmets save lives. I lost a family friend when he went down on a paved bike path . he swerved to avoid a little kid who wandered off, his front tire wiped out and he hit his helmetless head.. needless to sayt he is no longer with us.
and i also mentioned about the other kids watching these guys doing all these tricks at the park and then thinking if the guys dont wear helmets why should they...
it just bugs me
sorry for the rant..

am I wrong or just being grumpy maybe..??

it has been a rough day..


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i feel your outrage. i have know some people that have been hurt WITH helmets...i can't imagine where they would have been without.

as a parent i find the hardest part in raising my son who wants to bmx and skateboard, is couteracting the influence of the kids at the skateparks with no helmets. like you said...he sees them and thinks "well why do i have to". luckily there are also role models like tony hawk, and most sites we look at for bmx stunts (for his inspiration) they have helmets on. and i don't shy away from the various stories that come up where someone was injured or killed to show him the consequence.

he's finally putting the gear on without a battle and if we see someone on a video or at the park without he will tell me what could happen.


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Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
its the internet. don't take it so seriously.

but yea dude. HELMETS! After sitting next to one of my best friends in the ICU for a week while he was in a coma (and he WAS wearing a helmet)... I definitely wear one when I ride.


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Aug 13, 2007
I know helmets have saved my melon twice in the past year, once at Diablo where it would've been very ugly without it.

What kills me is when I see parents riding with their kids, the kids have helmets on, usually wrong and the parents have no helmet on. Try leadership by example, huh?

At Cub Scout bike safety rodeos we do every year, I drop a cantalope from rider head height onto the sidewalk for the sake of the parents to get my point across about helmets. A bit dramatic, but it works!


Mar 25, 2008
Hoboken, NJ
Nah you're not wrong... unfortunately alot of people take helmuts for granted... some think "oh, that'll never happen" or "they look stupid"... then you have the general idiots who think they look like a bad@$$ huckin' around without one


Mar 14, 2005
i agree with you


just a long day.. im beat.. in at 5 am-- and then didnt get to leave until 5:30pm
my relatively short ride home was a nightmare of cars all racing up to red lights, trying to squeeze into the parking "buffer-zone", many cutoffs
if driving makes people so crazy.. why do they drive???

then had to come home and make dinner ..which came out awesome!!! Swordfish steaks on the grill!!!

anyways.. i need sleep basically

How are you feeling these days??


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Jun 4, 2006
I have no idea where I am
A year ago my dad was on a training ride when he clipped an idiot rider who pulled out right in front of him w/o looking to see if another rider was comming.

He ended up with bleeding on the brain and had to have emergency brain surgery to relieve the pressure.

He was wearing a helmet.

Last week the old man turned 70 and did his second road ride since the crash.

:biggrin: :cheers: :happydance: :banana: :clapping: :thumb: :rockout:


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Sep 13, 2004
One reason why I post on RM is the sense of community here.

You can't get away with asinine and insensitive responses.

Whatever site you were on, you probably were a bit overpassionate about your response because of the personal tragedy, and some schmuck keyed off of that.

Don't take it so seriously. You were right.


Oct 16, 2006
P-town, MN
Don't mess with natural selection.

i have had multiple crashes that resulted in a concusion and no memory of that crash, and i was definitely wearing a helmet......one was on a dirt bike with a full face dot approved helmet.....

i cant imagine all the cool coloring books id be getting now if i hadn't worn a helmet all my life :monkeydance::biggrin:


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Feb 23, 2004
helmets = personal choice. you can bitch and moan as much as you like, but i would guess you're not going to change anyones mind regarding wearing helmets.

don't waste your time on **** you can't control.


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Aug 8, 2005
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Yeah, but you also think a sprained wrist is something to pray for fast healing :busted: :D
I just gonna sit and laugh at that one.

Anyways Hoopless you are absolutly correct about the helmets, better yet the worst head injuries I have seen have all been with slow speed fall overs, friend of mine spent three weeks in an induced coma when He tipped over on an XC climb and whacked his head, Helmet was on the bars and cables looking really pretty, Coma was because part of his skull was sitting in a jar next to him, that way they could relive the pressure around his brain. Seen a good five tip overs on bikes or motos that have resulted in a pretty good injury.

P.S. Oh yeah update on My wrists..... Right side healed up fine, the chip in the left has spurred instead of settling back into place like we wanted to see..... So one of these summer wekends, It will need, well lets not call it surgury, lets call it a Procedure!!!!


Mar 14, 2005
helmets = personal choice. you can bitch and moan as much as you like, but i would guess you're not going to change anyones mind regarding wearing helmets.

don't waste your time on **** you can't control.
Oh i realize that .. it was just the comment about wearing them for the pictures that threw me over the edge

I feel better now.. I got some sleep!!! :monkeydance:


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Oct 17, 2006
I recently was told that a person with whom I went to grade school had an accident where he tripped and fell from standing height alone. He went into a coma, had two brain surgeries, and died this past week.

Without any momentum, and from no more than 5-6 feet up, you can have a terrible head injury. Riding without a helmet is a bad idea.

There will always be those who don't want to wear a helmet. They may think that they are uncomfortable or look dorky. They may come up with faulty explanations as to why they don't actually offer protection. Parents may think that we are being overprotective, as they didn't need safety gear while growing up. But people will always be stupid. Pass along your concerns, but don't waste your time arguing too much. That is the point where natural selection has to come into play.