In a way, I'm glad Mammoth is over....


Turbo Monkey
Aug 9, 2001
Nevada, 2 hours from Mammoth
Hello All---

Well, what an interesting couple of days in Mammoth. Got there, got our room, got dressed, checked in at registration, and pre-rode a bit of the course (on my C-dale w/Alaina's seat on, of course). Man, I've been spending too many road miles in my middle ring, and forgot to use my granny (am I a wimp or what?). Course looked to be in good shape, though I strated to realize that I needed more trail miles for training, in sand/granite to boot. This was going to be interesting.

Thursday morning started great. I was strong, ready, fueled, and psyched. The gun goes, and the fun begins. Then, disaster. Memories of Alaina started flooding my thoughts, and my energy was zapped. It was all I could do the get in after lap 1, and I stopped. I felt Alaina telling me that spending time with her Mommy in one piece was far more important than finishing the event. There is wisdom in those words, and pain in my heart for not finishing.

Saturday also marked my 8th wedding anniversary, and to add spice, I had arranged with the announcers to re-propose to my wife on stage. So after the event, I cleaned up, got Kristine's gift that arrived from Tiffany, and got the cue to come on stage. A few words, then the mic was handed over. She was embarrassed (mission accomplished), and gave me the thumbs up. When I got back to her, I got down on my knee and gave her her gift. I guess you can say it was good that I still had some energy left after the event (nudgenudgewinkwinkknowwhatImean?).

Will I try again??? Let me see if I can do another 24-hour event first. Right now, my heart hurts, and I need a moment.


Mar 14, 2005
I know it has to be rough and its something that I probably just cant understand what you are going through. It is very powerful and helpful to think about Alaina. Make sure you never stop that even though it is so hurtful at times. Memories are what you now have.. try to concentrate on the good ones. I feel for you , hang in there