In inspiration of all the farewell posts. I shall say..


Mr. Excitement
Feb 3, 2002
Over there somewhere.
Hello and by hello I mean good bye(I think). The insanity has to come to an end soon it seems. Loco, stop being an uptight loon, the world does not revolve around you. Woks are fine, but you can't make omlettes in a wok. This place was more fun to be around when it was simply just laid back, not at each others throats. I not leaving for good, just taking a break from here, since it seems like my life is at a crossroads right now and it is full of potholes. The past two weeks have been a personal hell for me, and it will be for the best to just escape it all for awhile, not sure when that will be though, so just in case have a happy holidays if I'm not back by then. I do promise that I will be gone longer than Loco's 6 hour leave.

Until then be careful and be safe.


He just said hello before he edited it. Funny that I am the loon, but someone thinks that I think the world revolves around me. Wow - there are a lot of folks that just don't know me. No sleep lost over it, but it seems sad. I'm with Rip, this is getting lame.

*oh and like JBP said - have a great rest. I hope all goes well for you, Rip. Let us know if you need anything.

**that's a serious offer.

***and I said "quiet" not leave. :mumble: read the thread, people.


I see that Rip was on at 11:31 last night. Rip - we want you to post. Don't stop. Stay with us, bro. :thumb: