Mar 16, 2020
Hi all. I’m new at the site, looking to purchase a new enduro bike... need to choose one, new in the box 2018 specialized enduro sworks 29er for $4.300 with all the bells and whistle‘s or Santa Cruz mega tower 29er with reserve wheels for $4.600. Can someone help me choose one, thanks. pretty skilled rider but on the heavier side, I’m 5.11 230pds, thanks


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Jan 14, 2002
F*ck Specialized.

You are welcome.

Not only F*ck specialized for their proprietary shock mount, but also for an old soggy pedaling design that will sap more energy the harder you try to pedal uphill. SC is kind of not a "boutique" manufacturer anymore, but they've been trying to fix their wonky leverage curves and the Megatower is one of those bikes of the newer generation that should be good, they seem to have great support for the bikes, and the kinematics will also pedal pretty well. I had a Spec Enduro and went to change the rear horst-link bearings, it was an insane design with bearings on each side of each member and no "lip" that would allow you to punch them out. There was literally no way to get the bearings out (blind puller wouldn't do it) and you had to just buy a new chainstay or seatstay or whatever. That's why F*ck Specialized. IMO, they make bikes to last for about a season or two and then they expect the bike to be sold off or go to a dumpster.
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Sep 21, 2003
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Oh - and quit looking at Special-Ed and Snap Crack bikes. Rid the Egg: