Infineon Tech Cougar Mtn. Classic, Sonoma, CA


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
Is anyone going. There is already a thread in S. CA, but noones ever in there. I am most likely doing mountain cross Sunday. I might make it up for dh and the practice Saturday morning. Are there any bikes there that I can demo for the race?


Turbo Monkey
Dec 9, 2004
stiksandstones said:
I tried to drum up some action for this race too, but most people just made fun of it...so, best of luck getting replies.

Yeah i don't see alot of people going. I was thinking about it, today..but they closed online reg already and you have to be there in person to register for Mountain Cross on friday, even though the race is on Sat afternoon. So it doesn't look like i'll make the trip since i can't take off from work on friday. They'll probably have better luck next year when it's not the week before nationals, and maybe get it on the calender earlier in the year so people can plan for the expense of it.


Nov 29, 2004
i am at CMC right now. Big grandiose event, Infineon Raceway is way cooler than Laguna Seca. But the turnout is no where close to Sea Otter. The turnout is not bad though, fair amount of people here. This has the potential to be huge in the future and the raceway seems to be totally committed. And the gave away some decent prize money. I would have to say if you did not come out for this event, you missed it!! All except the $6.00 glasses of Sierra Nevada! Ouch!

Msisle Dad

Jul 1, 2003
Catonsville, MD
stiksandstones said:
I tried to drum up some action for this race too, but most people just made fun of it...so, best of luck getting replies.
I'm not sure why you are beating the event up. We wanted to go, but had to complete the Mid Atlantic Finals @Snowshoe. We know of a good number of people racing .

Stik, just because some pros passed on the event doesnt mean it isnt a great opportunity for the masses.
Jul 1, 2005
oakland, CA
man, trying to get motivated to get back up there,
but it's a super small turnout (yup, for real, only 6 pros
in the 4x yesterday), & the dh course is lil more than a
goat trail cutting the hillside....looks like fun to ride, but a
racecourse?? only 1 jump on the whole thing! woooweeeeeeeee......


Jan 11, 2005
Tell you what, myself and every other Pro I spoke to thought the course was pretty good for what it was. It was a very technical trail cut just for this race. By today it was loose, sketchy, and killer to ride.
I spoke to the organizers about pushing the date back a bit to accomidate the rest of the MTB community as in after Mammoth.
They were very receptive. This race has every thing available to be as big or bigger than Sea Otter. BTW the MTx was one of the better I've ridden on the circuit this year. A little short, but the first turn made for some serious dicing. Anyway, I hope more people show next year.
FYI to the Pros, Yesterdays 5-8th MTX purse money went back to the organizers because only 5 of us showed. I would have rather seen someone who deserved it take it home.


black noise

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Dec 31, 2004
Santa Cruz
I raced 4X and downhill and had a great time. The 4X course was pretty cool for the most part, and made for some fun racing. The DH trail was good considering the hill that they had to work with. It had a lot of fun drifty corners. The only bad part were the narrow parts traversing the hills that claimed a few people during the race.

If they get the scheduling right next year, maybe it could be even better.


Oct 30, 2003
mudanoman said:
Mountaincross course looks awesome. I especially liked the placement of hay bales in the turns making the riders use the course obstacles (aka berms) instead of cutting the corners to cut off other racers. I hated to miss the race this year and provide the support this race needed, but hopefully the race will be on a better weekend next year.

Congrats to the track builder of the MtnX course on a job well done.


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Feb 12, 2003
Pleasant Hill, CA
Personally, I was very impressed with the course, especially considering it was a first year effort.

Since it was located on a small, round hill, I was expecting a smooth, pedally course. They managed to add some technically demanding sections that were difficult to ride at speed. Nothing anybody was going to die on, but riding fast required well-developed, disciplined skill. Not simply charging hard and hanging on.

The course actually seemed to get better as more people rode it (opposite most other courses) as the lines became more defined. By next year, hopefully they will add a few more jumps and rollers to pump for speed (since there often wasn't room to pedal). And having sat through a winter the dirt should be a little less sketch.

The shuttles were the best I've seen at any race as well. Twelve long bed F-150's carting four bikes and four people per trip. No long waits for a ride, and your bike didn't get super thrashed. At it's peak, the line was actually longer at the start gate than it was waiting for a shuttle.

It was set up to be very spectator friendly, many sat in the parking lot with binoculars. And they had Ravenswood winery and Sierra Nevada beer among the booths.

Excellent potential for an awesome season ending race.

CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: make the $10 parking fee well known before people show up at the gate, better signage to registration, bathrooms, race times, results, and awards. And more jumps on the course.

COMPLAINT: Why the heck am I required to pay $6 for a beer from someone who is supposedly sponsoring the event.
I've been to plenty other events where the beer is cheap, or free (even with the same sponsor).
If the goal is to limit public drunkeness, don't sell to those who are drunk, or limit the hours of sale.
And, generally, people who plan on getting wasted at an event bring their own.

Heath Sherratt

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Jun 17, 2004
In a healthy tension
It was great. Fun courses, good times. I agree with the signage, awards times, parking fees, expensive beer, a few downers but it was pretty fun. Some interesting occurrences with people cutting the course and admitting to it and still getting the win...??? whatever. It was good stuff.