Info Needed


Jul 30, 2009
several friends and I are trying to plan a DH oriented trip to Colorado in a couple weeks. We are fairly expirenced riders looking to the the best lift access riding. That said, I am looking for sugestions for about 5-7 mountains that fit this criteria. Help? Thanks.
I was just there for a couple weeks and for DH lift accessed stuff I'd hit the following:

1. Vail - super fun and lots of vert (over 3,000 feet). Tight twisty stuff, off camber stuff, big stunts and jump lines, moto style whooped out pinned braking bump stuff. Trails to hit - PMT, Mane Lane, Magic Forest, etc.. Gondola is quick too. Was my favorite mountain to ride by far - I could have spent a week here and not been bored.

2. Sol Vista - they have done a lot with this place and the trails are well worth the drive over Berthoud Pass and past Winter Park. Very sandy in places and extremely dry. One trail must have 30 berms and 30 jumps on it. They really maximized what they have here. Lift is 4-5 minutes. the vert is about 1,000 feet

3. Winter Park - you can hit this on the way back or on the way to Sol Vista. Same company that designed Whistler is doing trail work there - enough said. It's no Whistler, but seems like it's headed in a good direction.

4. Keystone - big friggin mountain with stunts and rocks. Pretty rutted out though and not well maintained. Was closed from mid mountain down to the bottom of the lift so you have to ride a fireroad halfway down to get back on the lift. Worth going though and you may want to check on the fireroad thing as maybe that was temporary???

Vail - bottom of PMT trail:

Sol Vista:

Did too much riding and didn't get a lot of pics! Your going to love it out there. Like I said, def. check out Vail whatever else you do.


Jul 16, 2007
If you're here for 4 days, hit all of them honestly. I used to advise people to skip Winter Park, but I've ridden there recently and have to say they are making improvements.

My favorite? Sol Vista (I'm a racer). This year I've ridden Sol Vista 12+ times, Vail 3, Winter Park 1 and Keystone 0. The construction at Keystone has stopped me so far, but I will ride there, its a great mountain.