Initial impressions - new Maverick fork.


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Oct 26, 2001
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Originally posted by CTR
just a quick question, how would the fork be adjusted for different length steerer tubes? the upper 'legs' are bludged so you couldn't slide the top crown down, and the bottom crown is welded so there is no chance of moving that, i noticed there was maybe a spacer between the top crown and the headset but i'm quite confused how you would achive adjustment if anymore than 5mm of movement was needed.
In case you missed it earlier, Ian's referring to the lack of a steerer tube at all...the top crown will sit atop the headset no matter what. A bolt is all that runs through the steerer tube save a small top and bottom piece that interfaces with the headset bearings.


May 2, 2002
I wonder how much it will end up going for. I don't think I could justify the $935 :eek: retail that the fork, stem and hub will go for. And then you still have to build the hub up, so that's a thousand bucks to run this fork. But if it ends up selling for $600 online...


Feb 20, 2003
I was looking at the Santa cruz website and seeing what forks you can get with the bullit and they are seeling the mav. with it look at this.

And you can also get it with a heckler.



May 14, 2003
Santa Barbara county
Hi Ridemonkey. Have you had a chance to try the fork again since January?

How stout did they feel? I realize they are an XC fork, but those long, fat tubes must be pretty thin to keep the weight down. Even XC riders crash. Are they going to get dented up pretty easy? Will the denting impare the function, or just the asthetics?

Also, I emailed Scott Turner at Santa Cruz. He said the fork would be available by "late summer". In your review, you mentioned "...production forks are coming in at 3.25 pounds". So when does production start? Last january, or this summer?

I emailed Frank at Maverick a few days ago asking when they'd be available, but I haven't heard anything yet. You seem to have the "in", so when do you think I'll be able to get one for a Heckler I'm thinking of buying?

Thanks again