Input on Diamondback

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Feb 5, 2013
Lexington, SC
I have narrowed it down to the Diamondback Overdrive V 29er. It isn't the greatest, but I can afford it right now, and I've read good reviews on it. Has anyone has any experience or any knowledge of this bike? I also am looking at the Response XE by diamondback.


Turbo Monkey
Jan 20, 2008
Methuen, Mass. U.S.A.
I work at a Dicks sporting goods part time in the bike dept and DB's are pretty much our main line so I'll give you my thoughts. either bike is a good starter and both would be worth keeping and upgrading at some point. I think the frames are pretty solid but the parts on them aren't so much. but like I said, they are a good starter. I usually recommend the Response to those who want to get into riding more than on the pavement. and a few times last year we had them on sale at a pretty good price. same goes for the Overdrives, only difference in the line are parts. the frame colors change with model, but pretty much the same. this years Overdrives looks like they beefed up the TT/ST junction. makes me think they may have had problems, but I didn't hear anything or see any press releases about it


Jan 2, 2012
Gloucester, MA
The Response XE is a dicks exclusive bike just like SA has the Topanga (or what ever the girlfriend of Boy Meets world was) I beat the living piss out of my response! The Strong Box is a really nice frame design.

It is however a bike you will out grow. Its kind of like racing a car, once you get over the hump of going over 100mph consistently its not you but the car that is holding you back. The Overdrive V has V-brakes! Which if you are planning on mountain biking then you might want to consider going for something with disc brakes because that is a MAJOR UPGRADE! I tell people this, it cost 100 bucks to upgrade from the Overdrive V to the Overdrive. You can not put disk brakes on a bike with V-brakes for that much money!

The other thing is height. DB has done nothing like the other manufactures to shorten stays on there 29ers like Giant, Fuji, Specialized etc. so if you are a smaller guy looking to ride the 26 is the way to go if you are taller then say 5'10" then going to the 29er might be better for you.

The most important thing is going out and riding. It doesn't matter what bike you have for now as long as you are out there and enjoying riding.

That was my 2 cents hope it helps.