Insole Recommendations


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May 23, 2002
Not sure where to post this exactly...

I'm looking for some new insoles to replace the crappy factory ones in my new bont shoes. I like having arch support, but when I put my giro insoles into the bonts, I ended up with severe knee pain. Switching to the factory ones solved the problem. SO- I need some arch support, but maybe not as much as the giros give or maybe in a different style...the giros have some support beneath the arch and the bonts have a curved sole that does offer some arch support.

Anyways, I'm looking at icebug slims or Sole performance thins. Any suggestions?


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Nov 10, 2005
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I've only got experience with insulated insoles for winter riding. Do they have to be cycling specific insoles or would any shoe insoles work? My dad has a lot of problems with his feet and needs some arch support, I can inquire with him what he uses. But he did go through a lot of trial and error before he found what works for him. I suspect you'll have to try a few before you land on something that works.