Instant Pots and Air Fryers


Starshine Bro
Mar 19, 2014
Whose got one and can give me the low down?

Wife and I are currently contemplating buying a 6qt Instant Pot Pro with the air fryer lid, with rhe idea being it would replace our slow cooker and open up new possibilities for cooking. Is the hype worth it? I don't want to buy a large kitchen device that'll just clutter up the joint if it doesn't make my life and food better/easier.


Detective Dookie
Nov 10, 2005
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i have both, but not one of the two in one versions. so i can only speak to the standalone units. between the two the air fryer gets used significantly more. i do like the instant pot, but honestly i don't get why some people rave about them. its just a souped up pressure cooker. for many recipes its only marginally easier than a stove top equivalent. i like it the most for cooking a lot of chicken at once for large batches of curry chicken salad. the instant pot did not replace out slow cooker, we kept both of the ones we have.

the air fryer is basically a high powered convection oven. i do french fries (frozen or homemade), wings, lots of different veggies, frozen snacky stuff, i've heard you can make awesome baked potatoes in it but haven't tried that yet.


back alley ripper
Feb 3, 2004
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A combined insta pot with air fryer should definitely open up more possibilities for you, but just because it's possible doesn't mean you'll actually do it, so YMMV.

An insta pot is great for broth/stock/soup, just dump some stuff in and let 'er rip. We make chicken stock and Pho in ours fairly often, works great and takes way less time and attention than stovetop. It also works as a rice cooker. Although some people rave about it, however, I haven't had good luck making risotto (as compared to the labor-intensive stovetop method).

Can't help ya on the air fryer.