Integrated stem or regular stem??


Apr 21, 2005
Just wondering what most of you would do. I can either use an integrated stem on my Junior T or go with a regular stem, but I am not sure which to do. The regular stem would be a Funn Serial Killa, which is sweet, and the integrated would be an actual Marzocchi. Is there a benefit of using one over the other? Thanks.


Apr 21, 2005
Raleigh, NC
I ride a jr t as well that can use the int stem or regular. The int stem eliminates the need to allign your wheel with your bars since the bars/stem are directly connected to your fork/wheel. The stem is also stiffer and lighter. However, it changes the geo of your bike slightly. It lowers the bars closer to the fork and puts you more over the bars. It also made steering a little less responsive I think. I just didn't like the way it felt, but different riders prefer different feels so I'd suggest riding a bike that has one before you buy one.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
Does anyone have a 7point bike with a 7" fork that has an intgrated stem? How much does the bar position change from using the stem?

When I get a 7 point 3, I am going to replace the manipou with superT and probably use an intgrated stem. It would certainly be more solid and lighter. It would have a more ridgid feel which would inspire some confidence.


Jan 7, 2005
Swain!! NY
You can put a spacer under the top crown to raise the bar height, or go up to a 2" rise bar..and the stem should have mount holes for 50 or 70 length. So there is some adjustability.
I run about 1/2" spacer under the top crown with the stem mounted in the longer position on a SuperT/Bullit...1.5" rise bars.
I think it feels pretty good.