Intense remake m1 prototype now to production


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Jan 30, 2002
I'll chime in that I like it too. My M9 was good and my 951Evo was better.

I just found their M-series geometry was short in the cockpit area compared to the 951Evo (and compared to everything else). I think I'd have to get an XL M29 to get similar geometry to a large 2019 Operator, but it would have the wheelbase of a schoolbus.

My 2014 Carbine 29 wasn't that great though... actually a bit of a POS.

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Aug 31, 2006
So, a Demo with the BB in a different place, extra roller and chain as a result, and probably (definitely) crooked?

Why didn't I think of this?


fork ways
Jul 31, 2007
Man yall are tough.

Whats the phrase? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me with 35 more iterations in a row spanning across multiple types of bikes and over multiple decades and we can figure its just a one off hiccup and take no responsibility.


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Yous guys do realize it is a 276 Mullet?

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Fucking sniped. :disgust:
Are you actually going to bring facts and common sense to this show ..man talk about a buzz kill for dreamers...wtf lol ..


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Nov 22, 2002
There a thread going sideways, then there's a RM thread going sideways...RM doesn't just push to the left or right we full blown body check your ass sideways...flailing all the way down...God I love this group ..lol

the downhill in downhill forum has nothing to do with bikes

circling the drain forum of sorts


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Dec 7, 2004
I thought maybe it would have been the same bike but more modern. This thing is a shambles looking


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Sep 12, 2006
Oh for sure, no question. Definitely improved now that they're making ebikes and have ryan fucking dungey making decisions on store bought bikes as they source intense stickers.

Look I know when you live in southern california you have a literal gene in your DNA that makes you like intense bikes. The same general code can be found in the colorado population with yeti's, norcalers with santa cruz and old weird east coasters with frank the welder. You can't help it. It's like the migratory patterns of birds. It's just there. I don't hold it against you. I know your people are helpless to resist because it's just who you are.
When I have FTW make an FSR or SIngle pivot bike with long reach and low BB and then paint it YETI colors cause it hasn't been YETI since he stopped the welded the world will be at peace or WW3 hard to tell........