Interbike 2010: POC Armour


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Jun 26, 2009

POC has been making a major push over the past few years, signing large players such as Andre Shandro, Martin Soderstrom and Danny Mackaskill. Here is this year's gear from the Swedish gear giant.

Not many helmet companies produce viable goggle options, but POC has made sure to invest in the right spots. Compatibility is key, and the Swedes have apparently understood this.

POC is bringing the heat in all aspects of mountain biking, not just DH. Here are there offerings in the XC/AM category, which are called the Trabec and the Trabec Race.

While many DH helmet companies seem insistent on forcing large amounts of skulls or blood on the consumers, POC is into the solid color design. Love it or hate it, one has to respect their simplistic and appealing approach to design.

Yes, sunglasses. POC seems to have cracked a very difficult marketr first try, but time will tell.

With the popularization of Leatt style braces, body armor seems to have taken a back seat. Obviously this is hugely image related, but nobody likes road rash and smashed elbows.

POC's knee pads are by all accounts the best out there right now. They dominate the Race Face pads and are even in contention with 661's famed Kyle Strait offerings.

This is only a small portion of POC's clothing line, all of which seems wearable on the trail. Comfortable designs and flashy colors are all the rage, but such categories are often a matter of personal preference.

The full spectrum of goggles, from cheap to expensive, are covered. The more expensive models, like the Cornea Flow and the Iris DH, feature different innovation from the Iris, but both seem to be attractive options at appropriate price-points.

POC hydration packs, the VPDs, are intended to be light weight and still hold all of your ride gear on the way up.

Martin Soderstrom's pro model helmet seems like a pretty typical skate style lid, but has a fancy sparkly finish!

Having produced amazing web edit after amazing edit, Danny Mackaskill has finally garnered some attention from major players, from Red Bull to POC. Here is his pro model lid.