Interbike 2011: 5.10 Shoes


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Jun 26, 2009

5.10 always has an interesting booth at Interbike, chock full of products and worth a look. This year they've got a few new flat shoes, SPDs and even an intriguing moto-inspired shoe.

Of course, the Impacts will be back in 2012, so no fear there, but check out a few of 5.10s newer products. Here's the Dirtbag, Spitfire, Cool Hwip SPD shoe, and the all new Duke moto shoe/boot.

A mountain biker's dream shoe closet would probably look something like this. Shoes for every pedal, they are matches made in heaven.

The Dirtbag is designed for really lazy people who don't like shoe laces...and normal people who like cool shoes, as well. Velcro closures, Stealth rubber soles, the Dirtbag fills more of the skate side of the 5.10 freeride line.

The Spitfire is a do-it-all riding shoe that packs enough of a street-punch to be worn all day. Stealth rubber sole, and split grain leather upper, don't mind if I do!

Now we're talking. More and more riders are bucking the flats trend and heading back to clips, and 5.10 is quickly catching on. The Cool Hwip (major bonus on name choice) are an SPD shoe designed with speed in mind.

With padding on the ankles and over-lace protection, these DH shoes are supposed to keep your feet in one piece despite runaway rocks or vicious roots. This will undoubtedly be one of the most popular shoes next year, from local races to the World Cup.

Yes, that is a moto boot, kind of. The Duke is 5.10s motocross offering, with Stealth rubber and a shifting patch on the toe, it should provide some users with just what they've been looking for on enduro rides or at the track.

Laces beneath and snaps on top, they should stay on just fine.

That's just a sampling of what 5.10 has in store for 2012, we'll try to get back at their booth tomorrow for a few more shoes!




goofy for life
Jun 9, 2003
El Lay
No new stiff soled MTB offering? I need an Impact that isn't so wide and fugly but is still made for gnarly DH, not freestyle.

The moto shoe is intriguing.