Interbike 2011: Ergon's 2012 Saddles and Grips


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Jun 26, 2009

Ergon has long been known for making grips that break the norm, but they also have an extensive line of saddles. This year they've got the 179 gram SM3 Pro saddle, have a look for yourself.

Carbon rails have the SM3 Pro Carbon weighing 179 grams!

They made it light, but kept a fairly wide profile so it's actually possible to sit on the saddle unlike some race saddles which have the tendency to wedge themselves deep within one's nether regions.

The SM3 Pro Carbon is also available with a carbon monorail system that allows for more adjustment.

The monorail system is about 10 grams heavier than the standard carbon rails.

While Ergon calls the SM3 an all mountain saddle, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to use it for DH.

Ergon was one of, if not the first company to make grips this shape. Now they've got a whole line of them, as well as other ergonomic designs to suit everyone's hands.

Subtle cross-hatching means the grips are thin in your hands but stay grippy in the wet.

Believe it or not, this BioKork grip can be disassembled and every part can either be recycled or composted when its time to move on.

Matching your bar or bike colour shouldn't be a problem.