Interbike 2011: Halo Rims, Saddles, Bars and Pedals


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Jun 26, 2009

Halo has been sponsoring the British National series for a few years now, and they've got a full line of downhill, dirt jump, BMX and road components. Have a look at the 2012 Freedom Discs and more inside.

The Freedom Disc is a 28mm rim paired with a 150mm hub, weighing 1250 grams.

Identiti DH bike, Muddy Marys, and Freedom Discs. A tempting setup!

New saddles for 2012.

The 4XR is one of Halo's most popular products.

Wheels in motion at the Halo booth...

For more information on Halo's products, head over to Halo Rims.