Interbike 2011: Leatt's New Armour and Braces


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Jun 26, 2009

Over the past few years neck braces have increased dramatically in popularity. One drawback to the brace was that it often limited one's ability to wear armour; Leatt has now solved that by making brace/armour kits.

The New DBX Comp III weighs 790 grams, and builds on what the original DBX provided. It now has low profile clip-on padding, and will come in either black or white.

At 850 grams, the DBX Ride III is a little heavier than the higher end models, but will still keep your neck in one piece.

DBX Ride and the rest of the Leatt line-up now place the pins of the clip on the hinge, rather than on the brace itself.

There it is. Body armour that is totally integrated with the Leatt Brace. Leatt has been working closely with CE certification to ensure all of the armour is approved at the highest possible level.

Leatt will have a few options available, the Adventure Body Vest, ABV Lite (no kidney belt), the Adventure Back Protector, three versions of the Chest Protector, and a kids chest protector.

The transition from brace to armour is very smooth and looks comfortable enough.

Chest protectors in all shapes and colours.

And they're all neck brace ready.

Leatt also had the Bicycle DBX Pro at the show, but it wasn't the right colour for production. The stats on the DBX Pro have it weighing 550 grams!

The bike program is taking off at Leatt, to say the least.