Interbike 2011: Marzocchi for 2012


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Jun 26, 2009

Suspension giant Marzocchi has a sweet booth this year, full of all the new products and a bit of a trip down memory lane. Read on for the 2012 goods, and the goods from 1999...things certainly have changed.

The 888 RC3 EVO V2 has all the customary adjustments, from rebound to hi/lo compression, and weighs 3269 grams. Bike park time!

The Corsa series has two 26" models and three 29" versions. The 26" forks are the 100mm Superleggera, and the 120mm Superleggera LT. Pictured is the former, which comes with a remote lockout feature, nickel treated aluminum stanchions and weighs in at 1480 grams.

The Roco Air RC World Cup is one of Marzocchi's big products for 2012; weighing 455g, this DH air shock comes in 241x76mm or 222x70mm sizes.

Marzocchi always has an eye for flash, every product gets a bit of shine.

If air isn't your thing yet, they've also got the Roco RC World Cup. Its 815 gram heft can be lightened by a ti-spring, shown here.


What was that about flash? The 888 RC3 EVO Ti V2 gets ample bling on its stanchions this year.

The Titanium version of the 888 shaves almost 300 grams off the steel spring model.

With all this news about new products, Marzocchi decided to take it back to their roots in the booth this year, providing everyone with a reminder of how things have evolved...

Bit of a trip down memory lane with this one! Priorities were a little different back then...




Jan 7, 2009
Funny how they show the flat upper crown on the 2005 888r, which didn't come out till 2006? - the drop ones are rare as hens teeth these days!

God I'm a geek :)